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Alpha Identifiers


Alpha Identifier Description
ACT* Allis Chalmer Tractor
ADW Auxilllary Door Weatherstrip
BB* Bent Back
BBW Body Bumper Weatherstrip
BCF Foam Core Butyl
BDK* Body Kit
BDP* Body Plug
BFS* Backlite Filler Strip
BGF* Bumper Guard Front
BGK* Bumper Guard Kit
BGR* Bumper Guard Rear
BKT* Backlite Molding Kit
BLM* Backlite Lower Molding
BMP* Bumper
BSK* Back Side Kit
BWB* Body Weatherstrip, Inner Header
BWF* Body Weatherstrip, Outer Header
BWK* Body Weatherstrip Kit
BWL* Body Weatherstrip, LH
BWP* Body Weatherstrip, Pair
BWR* Body Weatherstrip, RH
CES* Cowl End Seal
CFK* Cowl Fastener Kit
CIH Case International Harvester
CM Cab Mount Bushing
CS* Cowl Seal
CTB Convertible Top Bow
CTH Convertible Top Stowage Compartment
CUL* Door Cap, Upper LH
CUR* Door Cap, Upper RH
CUS Customer Specific Part
CWK* Complete Weatherstrip Kit
DBI* Doosan Bobcat ImplementLH
DDP* Drip Deflector, Pair
DK* Door Kit
DLP* Door Lock Pillar Seal
DPK* Door Panel Clip Kit
DTL* Door Seal T-top LH
DTP* Door Seal T-top Pair
DTR* Door Seal T-top RH
DWB* Door Weatherstrip, Both LH or RH
DWK* Door Weatherstrip Kit
DWL* Door Weatherstrip, LH
DWP* Door Weatherstrip, Pair
DWR* Door Weatherstrip, RH
ECK European Clip Kit
EFS European Fastener Set, Cowl
FRMSTP Frame Weatherstrip
FSP Fender Seal, Pair
FTC Ford Tractor Cab
GDI Grill Divider Insert
GRB* Glass Run Both
GRK* Glass Run Kit
GRL* Glass Run, LR
GRP* Glass Run, Pair
GRR* Glass Run, RH
GST* Glass Setting Tape
GWK* Glass Gate Weatherstrip Kit
GWL* Gate Weatherstrip Lower Tailgate
GWT* Gate Weatherstrip Top Liftgate
HCK Hardware Clip Kit
HRS* Hood to Cowl Seal
HS* Hood Seal
HTL* Heater Lead
ITM Interior Trim Mount
JDT John Deere Tractor
LDW Interior Trim Mount
LJC* Locking Joint Clamp
LSL Light Sensor Lense
MCK Master Clip Kit
MRK Molding Repair Kit
NHC New Holland Case
PCK* Precision Clip Kit
PDP Pedal Pad
PHC Protective Hood Cover
PHP* Precision Hardware Part
PMB* Precision Mirror Button
PRM* Precision Reveal Molding
PRP* Precision Replacement Part
QFS* Quarterlite Fillerstrip
QLL* Quarter Window Leading Edge Weatherstrip, Left
QLP* Quarter Leading Edge, Pair
QLR* Quarter Window Leading Edge Weatherstrip, Right
QWB* Quarter Window Weatherstrip, Both
QWL* Quarter Window Weatherstrip, Left
QWP* Quarter Window Weatherstrip, Pair
QWR* Quarter Window Weatherstrip, Right
RCW* Chrome Kit, Windshield
REG* Regulator
RGC Reveal Grip Channel
RSG* Rain Sensor Gel
RSK* Rain Sensor Kit
RSL* Rain Sensor Lens
RSM* Rain Sensor Mount
RSP Rain Sensor Pad
RWK* Roof Rail Weatherstrip Kit
RWL* Roofrail Weatherstrip, LH
RWP* Roofrail Weatherstrip, Pair
RWR* Roofrail Weatherstrip, RH
SBK* Setting Block Kit
SBS* Shifter Boot Seal
SWD Wool Dauber
SWK Standard Weatherstrip Kit
TMF* Top Molding Fastener
TS* Trunk Seal
UFS Universal Reveal Molding
USM* Underside Molding
UTL Utilimaster Molding
UW Universal Weatherstrip
UWS* Univeral Weather Strip
VGF Vent Glass Frame
VHK Vent Handle kit
VHL Vent Handle Kit, Left
VHR Vent Handle Kit, Right
VPB* Vent Post, Both LH or RH
VPL* Vent Post, LH
VPP* Vent Post, Pair
VPR* Vent Post, RH
VRK Vent Rebuild Kit
VWA* Vent Window Assembly
VWB* Vent Post, Both LH or RH
VWK* Vent Weatherstrip Kit
VWL* Vent Weatherstrip, LH
VWP* Vent Weatherstrip Pair
VWR* Vent Weatherstrip, RH
WBL* Weatherstrip Black
WCK* Windshield Conversion Kit
WCR* Weatherstrip Accepts Chrome
WFB* Beltline Weatherstrip, Both LH or RH
WFK* Beltline Weatherstrip Kit
WFL* Beltline Weatherstrip, LH
WFP* Beltline Weatherstrip, Pair
WFR* Beltline Weatherstrip, RH
WFS* Windshield Fillerstrip
WFT* Windshield Filler Top
WHG* Wire Harness Guide
WIF* Inner Frame Seal
WIK* Windshield Molding Kit
WIS* Windshield Inner Seal
WIT Windshield Install Tool
WKT* Windshield Molding Kit
WLM* Windshield Lower Molding
WLS* Windshield Locking Strip
WSK* Windshield Side Molding Kit
WSM* Windshield Side Molding
WTM* Windshield Top Molding


*The Alpha Identifiers are trademarks of Precision. The trademarks provided within are proprietary to Precision and cannot be used for any other purpose other than to identify genuine Precision parts and products. 

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